Why is it different?

Are you ready to take your athletic training to a whole new level? Do you perform physical conditioning separate from practicing your sport? The HyperGravity Training System TM introduces a whole new concept of sport-specific muscular training that will allow you to combine physical conditioning and a practice session into a single event that results in an increase in your performance far greater than when the two workouts are done separately. 


Ask yourself a simple question. If you are a baseball, softball, basketball, or soccer player, are the muscles you build by lifting weights the specific muscles you use for the activities you must perform to play your sport? If the muscles you build by lifting weights are not actually those you use in your sport, those muscles may actually interfere with muscles required for your sport and hinder performance. There is a better way to strengthen the specific primary and support muscles required for a competitive contest. The HyperGravity Training System TM will not only enhance your athletic performance, but will also strengthen the specific muscle support groups that will help prevent injury.

How is that possible? The answer lies in the fact that the new HyperGravity Training System TM is designed to fine-tune an athlete's neuromuscular system to achieve a high level of physical excellence by using the principle of sport-specific muscular training. It is important to note that we do not refer to the “muscular system” but, rather, we say “neuromuscular system.” As more is learned about sport-specific training, we are discovering the synergistic effects between the nervous system and the muscular system as factors in athletic performance. The key to achieving higher levels of athletic performance lies in the simultaneous training of both the muscular and nervous systems. (Read our section on why weightlifting can in some cases hurt an athlete's overall training and why concurrent nervous system conditioning holds the real key to achieving higher levels of athletic performance.)

Today, the HyperGravity Training System TM is the only known process that specifically targets the muscles and neuromuscular pathways required to excel in an thlete's sport through the direct conditioning of the neuromuscular system. Rather than spending time going to the weight room or putting in time running, the athlete can incorporate the HyperGravity Training System TM into his/her sport-specific practice sessions and greatly simplify their training. The athlete will have the ability to focus all of his/her time and energy on the development of the specific muscle groups and neuromuscular pathways that will improve his/her athletic performance and help prevent injury.

With the variable weighted compression technology of the Gravity+ SuitTM described below, the athlete has the ability to engage in workouts ranging from low- to high-intensity activity in a matter of minutes.  

The system also provides the athlete with a quick and easy means of getting his/her body primed for play the day of an event by using the suit during warm-up. This allows the athlete to fully energize the neuromuscular system and, hence, be better prepared to play at a peak performance level as soon as the event begins.

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