Jen Hansen - University of Kentucky's most decorated gymnast and 3-time NCAA All Around Champion has been using the Gravity Plus suit for nearly a year.  Jen has integrated the suit into her regular workouts. She will tell you that she is now doing things she had not been able to do for years. In 2006, Jen was named the Most Outstanding Female Gymnast over the past 25 years of NCAA competition.


“Being a stunt woman and an all around athlete, I would have to say the Gravity+ SuitTM has definitely helped me improve my skill level. Not only do I train on land with the suit but I also train in the water. I have found training in the water gives me more resistance and less impact to my body. Its amazing how I feel when I do half my workout with the Gravity+ SuitTM on , then take it off for the second half of my workout. I feel stronger, faster and have better form. The Gravity+ SuitTM is the new wave in creating a better athlete in you”.


Brian Wethers - Brian played college basketball at University of California Berkley and then played professionally in Europe, New Zealand and China for over 7 years. He now does individual training and coaches at the high school level. He has utilized the Gravity+ SuitTM in his own training and in the basketball clinics he holds. Brian is now preparing to integrate the Gravity+ SuitTM into the regular practice regime for his high school basketball teams.


“The Gravity+ SuitTM was amazing in terms of instant results. I have played at the division 1 level as well as professional and have never trained with anything as intense and specific to the movements in my sport as the Gravity+ SuitTM. It took one training session with the suit to convince me that all athletes should incorporate this in their training!”

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