Introducing the Gravity Plus SuitTM


The Gravity+ Suit™ is a patented device that delivers dual benefits of variable compression and resistance to provide total body functional training, exercise, and/or rehabilitation.   This apparatus will change the way you sport-specific train, exercise, lose weight, and rehabilitate injuries ... forever.

The Gravity+ Suit™ consists of a top and pant that through the unique utilization of resistance packets and compression allow the user to apply variable compression and resistance on all of the body's major muscle groups. This provides athletes with the ability to train in a hyper-gravity condition allowing them to achieve significant gains in functional strength, neuro-pathway conditioning and physical endurance. Athletes will also see shorter post-workout recovery times. 

The Gravity+ Suit™ is an invaluable tool for physical therapists for in-office therapy and as an adjunct to prescribed personalized patient at-home rehabilitation techniques. In addition, the Gravity+ Suit™ can also be used at health and wellness clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and extended care facilities.


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Athletic Training


If you are an athlete looking for a leading edge new technology for improved strength, agility, and stamina, then click on HyperGravity Athletic Training SystemTM on the left to read the science behind this revolutionary new product that will change your sport-specific training permanently. Learn what makes this system so unique when compared to any other training method being used today. Try it now and you will be convinced to incorporate this system into your athletic training regimen immediately.


We are outraged when we hear about athletes who have turned to performance enhancing drugs. The HyperGravity Training SystemTM will safely, naturally, and progressively provide you with a means of achieving levels of athletic performance you never before thought possible. You won't have to workout for weeks or practice for days waiting to see your performance improve. You will witness immediate results after your very first session with the Gravity+ SuitTM


It doesn't matter whether you are a novice trying to improve your competitive skills or a professional athlete who is refining his/her expertise. The Gravity+ SuitTM  provides a means of progressively taking your athletic performance to a whole new level. Once you have tried the suit, you will quickly realize what it can do for your athletic training.


Read more about it, but most importantly, try it!


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